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Gameday Thread, #115: 8/8 vs. Pirates

Paul Maholm (25, LHP, 7-13, 4.50)
Byung-Hyun Kim (28, RHP, 6-5, 4.63) preview [opens in new window]

Hooray! Off to see our unofficial adopted son tonight: Kim makes his first start for the D-backs since being swapped with the Red Sox for Shea Hillenbrand. Since them, he's also been in Colorado and Florida, but is now back home where he belongs. Of course, there's a lot of scepticism about him, but if he can get through the opposing hitters three times without melting down, he'll be an improvement over Yusmeiro Petit.

Optimistic of a win - and, boy, do we need one after last night's dreadful display (1-Up obviously excepted). Jake from Bucco Blog did a great recap of the game and reckons the Pirates only really "earned" one run. We'll have to be a good deal better tonight, but that's kinda been the pattern of this team lately: two or three fine performances, followed by an absolute stinker. Hopefully yesterday lanced the boil for this week, and we'll be back to our normal fine form.

We'll be at the game, and aim to try and score some cheap tickets from the scalpers just before first pitch. That'll be a novel experience in itself: I'm practising saying "You want how much?" in a suitably derisory tone, so if you don't hear from me again, I've probably been buried in a parking lot, the victim of a ticket tout who took offence at my sarcasm. :-)