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Gameday Thread, #113: 8/5 vs. Dodgers

Brandon Webb (28, RHP, 10-8, 3.08)
Brad Penny (29, RHP, 13-2, 2.60) preview [opens in new window]

I definitely did not think we would be waking up on Sunday, looking at a possible sweep. Well, I thought we might - just on the receiving end. However, two sterling outings from our starters [14 innings, one earned run], timely hitting and, it has to be admitted, a little bit of luck, has given us back-to-back victories over the Dodgers for the first time since August last year. Can we now go for the jugular, and finish them off with Webb on the mound?

It's possible, but by no means certain: I'd be a lot happier, if we weren't facing Brad Penny. He's started against us three times this year, and has positively pwned [sic] us, with an ERA of 0.86: we've scored just two runs off him, in 21 innings. In his entire career - 14 starts and 89.1 innings - Penny's ERA is only 1.81 facing Arizona. Patience is going to be the key: we have almost as many walks (9) as hits (12) off him this season. However, that hasn't exactly been our game-plan of late - in the past week, we have twelve walks, and 57 strikeouts. Particularly hacktastic are Chris Young, Stephen Drew and Conor Jackson, who between them have one walk and 24 K's over that time.

Fortunately, we have Webb on our side. His ERA since the All-Star break is 1.69, and he's working on an ongoing scoreless streak of 15.1 innings. He's keeping the walks down, and striking people out: in the past five starts, his K:BB ratio is a very healthy 37:10. He just need some more run support, since in the majority of his appearances, we've scored three runs or less for him - with Penny up there, I'm not optimistic we'll break out today. Could be another low-scoring, who blinks first kinda game. The decks have been cleared, so I intend to be around and actively commenting this afternoon. Please join me. Today's poll question is, what will you do when Bonds his the 756th home-run?


What will you do when Bazza hits #756?

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