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Gameday Thread, #112: 8/4 vs. Dodgers

Livan Hernandez (32, RHP, 6-7, 4.98)
Derek Lowe (34, RHP, 8-9, 3.45)

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After yesterday's dramatic win, is it to much to hope for Hernandez 2.0 to follow Davis's lead, and pitch like the $7m player he's paid to be? The results of late for Livan have been disappointing, with his ERA now teetering perilously close to five, which would be acceptable only from a #5 starter. He's had only one decent game since the All-Star break, when he beat Florida: last time out, he played his part in the biggest shutout ever inflicted on this team, conceding eight runs in four innings.

Be interesting to see how the new arrivals are slotting in, and what moves are made to fit them in. Reports suggest that Cirillo is going to be used as a fourth outfielder, and this makes absolutely no sense at all: he has one game in his career playing the outfield, and that was only for two innings, back in 2004. What makes Josh Byrnes think he can play the position? I'm more inclined to believe this was an AP error, misreporting somehow, but I guess we'll see. Also be interesting to see what move is made to fit new reliever Joe Kennedy into the 'pen: I'm thinking Nippert gets optioned down to Tucson, since the Four Horsemen and Slaten seem untouchable, and EdGon is out of options.

Be back later for this one: off to dinner now... Today's poll question is the return of Kim: how do you feel?


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    I'm pleased
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    I'm unimpressed
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