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Daily News Dump 08/30/07 - And the winner is....?

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Voting in the naming poll is pretty close! So let's wait another day for anyone else who wants a say to get their vote in.

And um... three DNDs, three losses... coincidence?? :(

I read the recap on the train on the way back from the theatre last night and knew this wasn't going to be an enjoyable article today, so let's dive right in.

AP recap is mostly focused on Maddux, with a nice "oh by the way, Owings pitched well too" thrown in two-thirds down. Just...blargh. The Arizona recap discusses the game much better from Arizona's perspective. The Tribune recap has nothing noteworthy.

The Republic recap talks about the tailspin we're in. Seven losses in 10 games, and we're hitting 12 for 75 (that's .160) with RISP. That's not going to cut it. But, as Snyder points out:

It's not like just because they won three games that they have a five-game lead over us. We're even. We've got tomorrow and three more games coming up against them (next week) and a whole month to play.

Important notes for today, though they're kind of the same everywhere:

  • Livan Hernandez is starting tomorrow against Colorado, going on three days' rest. Dana Eveland will pitch Saturday when rosters expand. Notes from Arizona discusses the move in-depth.
  • Magruder points out another important factor in going with Eveland:
The D-Backs weighed several factors, not the least of which was Eveland's statistical advantage against left-handed hitters in the minor leagues. Lefties Todd Helton and Brad Hawpe are two of the Rockies' most productive hitters, and both are less effective against lefties.
  • Everyone is discussing the "six or seven" players that are likely to be called up on Saturday: Eveland, Callaspo, Hammock, Bonifacio, Quentin, and Peguero and Medders (no, really? please no)
  • Injury updates: Piecoro says Clark will likely start tonight. reports nothing new with Tracy. And Brett Butler's stroke was likely caused by scar tissue left from cancer treatment 11 years ago. Williams will finish out the season as interim manager.
That's about all I've got this morning. Have at it...