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Daily News Dump 08/29/07 - Name That Tune

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'Morning, everyone. I'm so glad to see from yesterday's responses that people are interested in the feature(tte). At the end of this story will be a poll to vote on the name of this puppy, so step right up and let your voice be heard!

Also yesterday came the question of what kind of news we could post here. Well I envisioned it as basically a Diamondbacks/baseball thread, but if people are interested in expanding the idea and reading about other sports or other news tidbits, go ahead. All I ask is that if the topic is going to be too controversial or if it generates quite a few off-topic responses (say, more than 15), at that point it would be better moved to a diary. (Jim, let me know if that's alright.)

So, with that taken care of, let's dive right into the recaps.

Nick Piecoro and the AP have pretty similar articles today, but with Nick's obviously being focused more on us. Webb says he wasn't real good from the start, with Jackson pointing out that there's no reason to panic and there are 29 more games to play. (Unfortunately, most of these are against the NL West.) BoMel describes his ejection in the 6th:

"I still don't know why I got thrown out," Melvin said. "He said, 'We better get it right,' that he didn't have a great angle. He said he was going to ask to make sure he got it right. When he came back to me, I said, 'How are we going to get it right?' and I was out."

Also, as a funny aside, Nick's article isn't quite the same this morning as it was last night. ;) It seems he was rushing to get it out and couldn't decide between two versions of a sentence and inadvertently went with a hybrid.

"First, the Diamondbacks lost to the Padres and their ace Monday night. Now, Arizona has lost with its ace." was originally:

"First, the Diamondbacks lost to the hard-charging Padres and their ace Monday night. Now, Arizona they've lost with there its own ace."


Magruder's article in the Trib focuses more on Webb, with some good quotes from CoJack. Hopefully his offense will soon be carried over to the rest of the team!

"We had Peavy on the ropes a few times (Monday)," Jackson said. "We need to get big hits. We need to score runs. You can't have the pitcher out there thinking he has to throw a shutout. If they put up four on 'Webby,' we need to put up five. If they put up five, we need to put up six."

Notes today from the Trib and the Republic cover a few different topics.

  • Most importantly is don't tempt fate! We haven't lost against Maddux in 7 years, but BoMel doesn't like to talk about it. He's a future HoFer, let's be glad of what we have as long as it lasts!
  • Tony Clark has a concussion from a "household injury" sustained Sunday morning. It's why he's not starting for a little while, but he likely would have pinch hit for Cirillo the other day.
  • Yes, Owings' bat is hot lately, but there's no way he's moving up in the order. Melvin's keeping him 9th so as not to get it into his head that he's a hitter, not a pitcher. He won't get a chance to hit unless he pitches well, so let's keep his mind where it belongs.
  • Continuing on the Notes' theme of minds, it's still a mind game with Reynolds. Melvin's trying to instill some confidence in the young 3B while at the same time giving him time to clear his head. Let's hope it works, we need his bat back!
Oh, and the "TBA" for tomorrow has indeed been turned into "C. Young."

Let's Get Some Runs!!

(Hm... I did check the box to allow multiple selections in the poll, but it still only lets me choose one... so, I guess just choose one name.)