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Gameday Thread, #133: 8/28 vs. Padres

Brandon Webb (28, RHP, 14-8, 2.63)
Justin Germano (24, RHP, 6-7, 4.24) preview [opens in new window]

Time for our ace to step up and wow the opposing fans with a dominating display of pitching. Advantage D-backs, tonight, with Webb going to the mound to take on the not-so-impressive Justin Germano. Webb's ERA over his last six starts: 0.38, and he's 6-0. Germano's ERA over the same time: 5.34, and a 0-3 record. This game is, therefore, just as important for Arizona to win, as last night's was for the Padres.

Our lack of offense does remain troubling, however: a total of twenty runs in the past eight games, with a batting average of .207 in that time. Admittedly, last night we were facing one of the toughest pitchers in the league. This evening, we have no such excuse, and we simply must give Webb sufficient run-support. Otherwise, our lead will be down to one game, with the prospect of facing Maddux and Young still to come. Even with our great record against the former, I really don't feel too comfortable with that.

Won't be around to comment, since it's IZW at The Sets tonight. However, going by the last couple of days, you should be able to cope admirably without my presence. I'll be peering round the corner at the TV set, and look forward to seeing another fine outing from our ace, and our offense ensuring Germano's recent ERA remains adequately high.