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Gameday Thread, #132: 8/27 vs. Padres

Livan Hernandez (32, RHP, 9-8, 4.96)
Jake Peavy (26, RHP, 14-5, 2.21) preview [opens in new window]

A crunch series in San Diego. The way the pitching matchups go, it's almost like a set of tennis, with advantage alternating between the two sides for the next four days. A split of the games would be fine for us, but it's San Diego who have the edge this evening, with Peavy facing Hernandez 2.0. That does probably put the pressure more on them, however. On the other hand, Peavy is likely Webb's biggest rival for the Cy Young - curiously, his ERA is actually lower away from Petco (1.22) than it is at home (2.97). Both our offense and our pitching staff will need to be in top form if we're to come away with a win, but to do so would be a huge, possibly fatal, blow to the Padres' spirit and chances.