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AZ SnakePit Fantasy Baseball, Week 21


AZ SnakePit 2, The Fighting Amish 7 Despite piling up five wins, including two and 11 K's for Wakefield, Snake went down hard, managing only one home-run: Holliday alone had three for Amish, though that was it for them too! They did hit .306, with Furcal scoring eight runs to go with a .458 average, to seal playoff baseball for them.

dbacktom 6, Webby17 3 Webby deserve credit for posting a 0.00 ERA, while Ortiz and Anderson combined for 17 R, 6 HR and 19 RBI. However, Ordonez and Pujols each homered three times for tom, and Abreu's four SB proved crucial in an offensive explosion which saw 21 homers, with both teams hitting better than .325. Valverde had three save for tom.

4 K's 4 Gonzo 6, Kapsaicin Kids 4 This result saw both teams move on into the post-season, with Gonzo taking a psychological edge, though it was close enough to give Kids hope in any re-match. Guillen had a four HR, nine RBI week for Gonzo; Jones drove in seven for Kids. Haren struck out 19, giving that to Gonzo by one K, though Escobar had two wins and 12 K's for Kids.

Crazy VIII's 5, warlords 4 VIII's can sit back and enjoy the next two weeks, as their next meaningful baseball won't be until the semi-finals. warlords needed a convincing win to have any hope of extending their season, and didn't get it, despite Isringhausen's five saves. A-Rod powered VIII's offense, as all year, with nine runs and eight RBIs.

Bob Melvin Sucks 7, Shenanigans 3 Melvin occupy the final slot with one week to go, and must be feeling optimistic, after hammering 14 homers. Keppinger (who?) scored eleven runs for them, and Konerko had three HR. Shen did bat .302, and stole five bases, but were almost swept on the mound, where Shields Win and 8 K's were the best performance. Weathers saved three for Melvin.

BBTNG 7, The Don Quixotes 1 Neither team will be playing in September, but BBTNG enjoyed the penultimate week more, with Teixeira hitting three homers and driving in 11 - Don did get four homers from Chris Young, his only four hits of the week. Both teams got three wins, BBTNG's Vazquez getting a W and 13 K's, despite a 6.00 ERA. Hill fanned ten for Don.

Tucson Myth 1, Douchebaggery 8 Douche still have a slim chance of making the playoffs, but will need another week like this one. They swept hitting, Olivo delivering three homers and batting .364, while Byrnes stole four bases. Maine (Myth) and Meche (Douche) fanned ten each, though neither recorded a win. Saves ended level at one, despite Cordero's 54.00 ERA.

7-2 Offsuiters 4, Chupacabras 6 Chupa all but ended 7-2's hopes with this win, which came thanks largely to A.Gonzalez and Lowell, who combined to score 16 times and drive in 16 too. Howard had seven RBI for 7-2, who also posted five wins. However, Chupa had an ERA of 2.50, despite - or perhaps, because of - a light workload for their pitching staff.

CoJack Forever 6, Desert Dingleberries 4 Technically, Desert could still enter the post-season. Yes, and technically, I might get called up by the D-backs. The loss to CoJack came despite Desert batting .388, with Peña getting eight runs and three homers. Zimmerman had a three HR, 10 RBI week for CoJack, and Bedard a W and 14 K's. Rodriguez fanned 14 for Desert.

Baked 7, GregSchulteOverdrive 2 Baked led all teams with 16 homers, McCann, Saltalamacchia, Tulowitski and Bradley homering three times each. Greg will be disappointed a 40 R, 41 RBI, .306 BA week was worth nothing, with SB and SV their only two successes. Baked's Kazmir was the pitcher of the week, racking up 21 strikeouts, though their team ERA was a mediocre 6.20.


 1. Crazy VIII's         122-71-17   -
 2. 4 K's 4 Gonzo        117-76-17   5
 3. The Fighting Amish   110-81-19  11
 4. Kapsaicin Kids       110-83-17  12
 5. dbacktom             105-86-19  16
 6. Bob Melvin Sucks     103-85-22  16.5
 7. Douchebaggery         99-96-15  24
 8. Shenanigans           97-94-19  24
 9. 7-2 Offsuiters        98-97-15  25
10. GregSchulteOverdrive  97-97-16  25.5
11. Desert Dingleberries 100-101-9  26
12. BBTNG                 96-99-15  27
13. CoJack Forever        95-100-15 28
14. warlords              92-99-19  29
15. Chupacabras           90-99-21  30
16. The Don Quixotes      89-103-18 32.5
17. Baked                 82-110-18 39.5
18. Tucson Myth           82-114-14 41.5
19. AZ SnakePit           79-117-14 44.5
20. Webby17               67-122-21 53 

This week's games

AZ SnakePit vs. 4 K's 4 Gonzo
dbacktom vs. The Fighting Amish
Crazy VIII's vs. Kapsaicin Kids
Bob Melvin Sucks vs. warlords
BBTNG vs. Shenanigans
Tucson Myth vs. The Don Quixotes
7-2 Offsuiters vs. Douchebaggery
CoJack Forever vs. Chupacabras
Baked vs. Desert Dingleberries
GregSchulteOverdrive vs. Webby17

dbacktom vs The Fighting Amish is the televised game, in what could be a potential first-round playoff match-up. Tom need 2.5 points from the week to secure a post-season spot; Amish are already there, but still have a chance at making the top two, and earning a bye into the Championship Series. Amish are not a power-stacked lineup, with Holliday their only player to have reached twenty homers, but they do hit for average and are quick on the basepaths thanks to Crawford and Crisp. Sabathia and Harang anchor their rotation, and Saito is their only closer. tom are more sluggerly (is that a word?), with Pujols enjoying a 30-homer year, while Ordonez bats above .350. Lackey and Lilly are their men on the mound, with the twin-barrels of Valverde and Reyes in the ninth.