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Gameday Thread, #131: 8/26 vs. Cubs

Jason Marquis (28, RHP, 10-7, 4.12)
Yusmeiro Petit (22, RHP, 2-4, 5.14) preview [opens in new window]

Just time to get this up before we scurry off to try and find somewhere to park. :-) However, I want to go on record as being responsible for the D-backs win today, as I've added Jason Marquis to my fantasy team. That should guarantee he sucks. :-) Padres are almost dead in the water as I write (down 14-1 to the Phillies!), so a win here would almost certainly put us back to three games ahead, which is how we entered the series. I'd settle for that, certainly. Let's just hope Petit, and more importantly, our offense, is up to the task.