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Gameday Thread, #130: 8/25 vs. Cubs

Ted Lilly (31, LHP, 13-6, 3.88)
Doug Davis (31, LHP, 10-11, 4.22) preview [opens in new window]

This one is for the children, who yesterday at Chase were left crying and asking their parents, "Who are those scary men in blue, and why do they smell of alcohol so much?" It's for the old people, left trampled in the aisles by another beer run [really, I've never seen so much movement out of the seats in my life. We spent more time bobbing up and down than Paris Hilton does in a month]. And it's for America, because we do not let ugly, foreign invaders come in to our country and take over. Well, unless they've made some good action films, in which case, it's "Welcome, Arnie, and here's your governorship" But I digress...

This isn't a "must win" game in the traditional sense of the word. No matter what happens, we'll still be top of the division at the end of the day. But as far as I'm concerned, it's a "damn well need to win, or else I'm going to be very peeved." Yesterday's performance left a taste in my mouth like I'd beem gargling sewer runoff for three hours, and needs to be erased. We need Doug Davis to return to form, not the pathetic two-inning outing we got last time. But more than that, we need someone apart from the bleedin' pitcher to drive in runs. Really. Is that too much to ask?

Over at Bleed Cubbie Blue, they were unimpressed by my...well, let's say unimpressedness with the Cubs fans at Chase. We'll say what today brings, but I look forward to hearing them singing just as loudly in defeat, as they did when they won. Let's go, D-backs... Let's go, D-backs... See you at Jackson's on Third.