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Gameday Thread, #129: 8/24 vs. Cubs

Sean Marshall (24, LHP, 6-6, 4.21)
Micah Owings (24, RHP, 6-6, 4.70) preview [opens in new window]

Bit of a feast of live baseball for me this weekend, since I'm going to all three Cubs games this weekend. Should be a lot of fun, though obviously it means you'll have to keep the Gameday Threads going in my absence: doesn't seem like that should be any trouble, and I look forward to reading how things seem from the home viewpoint. The Cubs are always a big draw, and it'll be interesting to see how the local fans stand up to the arrival of a large number of "the enemy". Especially since both teams are leading their division, the first time they've faced each other in that situation since June 2001. then, we took two of three, including a 13-3 victory in the middle game, with Nick Bierbrodt getting the win, thanks to a seven-run second. Two out of three here would be fine, too.

We'll be expecting big things from Micah Owings. After all, last time, he had more RBI in one game, as all bar three pitchers have managed all season [Hudson (7), Peavy and Penny (6)]. It's almost like playing in the AL, and that could be a useful advantage to have this evening. Of course, if he can't pitch, it's largely irrelevant... The opposing starter, Sean Marshall, has been a bit short-term of late, with his last four outing lasting just eighteen innings combined, with 5.1 the longest. Be nice to get into the Cubs bullpen early, and set the tone for the series. This could end up being the deciding game in the set, but all three could go either way.