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Gameday Thread, #128: 8/22 vs. Brewers

Jeff Suppan (32, RHP, 8-10, 4.89)
Brandon Webb (28, RHP, 13-8, 2.63) preview [opens in new window]

Here we go. Brandon Webb back to the mound once again, having shut out Atlanta, Washington and LA in complete games his last three outings - the first pitcher in almost a decade to do that. And, of course, there's the little matter of 42 consecutive shutout innings. I think it's a good omen my ESPN piece, nominating him as the Face of the Franchise, came out today. It's still deathly hot and sticky here in Phoenix, so his sinker should be like trying to hit a bowling-ball.

Interestingly, Bob Melvin openly admitted today, that he could manage to help Webb, for example, pulling the infield in with a runner on third. Howver, the over-riding judgement would be what's best for the game: "I'd like to see (the streak continue), but I'm not going to affect the game going forward. I doubt if I bring in an outfielder to play the infield. I don't know." Regardless, it should still be a fascinating contest, and I'll be glued to the screen, counting up those innings. Here's to it reaching 50 or more, and AZ getting back on the winning trail.