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Gameday Thread, #126: 8/21 vs. Brewers

David Bush (27, RHP, 9-9, 5.01)
Livan Hernandez (32, RHP, 9-7, 4.86) preview [opens in new window]

Hernandez has been better of late, posting three consecutive with, allowing nine earned runs in 20 innings of work, an ERA of 4.05. It's helpful that he has walked only four batters, and that remains key: his past five victories have all come while allowing two or less free passes. The long ball continues to be an issue, with twenty-one homers in the past dozen starts, covering 71.1 innings, but twelve of the past fifteen have come with the bases empty, limiting their impact.

Bush has been shaky of late, winless in his last five starts, and with an ERA of six in his three August outings - opponents are batting .329 against him in that time. His last victory came against Arizona, where he beat us 4-3, just before we went on our current great streak. Whether last night's thrashing indicates the end of that, we'll see: however, we are 8-5 in games after conceding ten runs, and have won the past three. We need to bounceback, for sure: a defeat tonight will end the streak of series wins, but a victory would put us in good shape, with Webb going tomorrow.

Should be around for this one, and look forward to a good game. Or, certainly, a better one that last night, which was basically over by the middle of the second inning. I do want to try and get the Fantasy Baseball report knocked out too, but that might prove to be a quickie this week. I miss the Monday off-days. ;-(