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Gameday Thread, #126: 8/20 vs. Brewers

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Yovani Gallardo (21, RHP, 4-3, 4.84)
Doug Davis (31, LHP, 10-10, 3.92) preview [opens in new window]

Davis has been the man of late, with the D-backs winning all seven of his most recent starts. His last outing was spoiled somewhat by a three-run homer, swatted by the last hitter he faced, but it didn't stop Arizona from winning. He's 5-0, with an ERA of 3.13 in that time.

The Brewers are reeling, having lost ten of their last thirteen games, and are in serious danger of falling apart. That would be a disaster, for a team that was at one point fourteen games above .500, with a 7.5 game lead. On the other hand, it would be par for the course, since the Brewers haven't had a winning season since 1992. A sweep this week would send them back below .500, and on the verge of toppling out of the playoff race entirely. With the front of our rotation to meet them, while Ben Sheets languishes on the DL, I think it's a very realistic possibility.

Won't really be around for this one. Scurrying across to Sliders for a quick pre-game pint with some friends, but will then be off to join Mrs. SnakePit at this. :-)