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Gameday Thread, #125: 8/19 vs. Braves

Yusmeiro Petit, RHP (2-3, 4.23)
John Smoltz, RHP (10-6, 3.09) preview [opens in new window]

So, our first starter throws a two-hit shutout. The next smacks two homers and drives in six runs. No pressure on you, Mr. Petit: just solve world hunger and sort out that pesky Middle East issue in the dugout between innings, and we'll be satisfied. :-) The series is in the bag, and that's probably a good thing, since this is the pitching matchup which I feel most wobbly about: basically, our #5 against their #2.

But once again, Arizona has the longest winning streak in the majors, and the worst we can do is come back to Phoenix with a 4-2 road trip and a four-game lead, one better than it was when we left, and with six games less left on the schedule. Anything that happens tomorrow, be it a Diamondbacks win, or the Padres dropping another game in Houston, will simply be icing on the cake. So go out there and do your best, Petit Unit, even as you face an opposing pitcher with 200 more wins than you and a Cy Young on his mantelpiece. For we have the best record in the National League, and we fear no-one!

Frickin' early start, it being an afternoon game on the East coast, so odds are I won't be around for first pitch. Hence, getting this up well in advance: start without me, and I'll maybe swing by later, when I peel myself out of the soft and fluffy embrace of the bed.