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Gameday Thread, #124: 8/18 vs. Braves

Micah Owings (24, RHP, 5-6, 4.76)
Buddy Carlyle (29, RHP, 7-4, 4.39) preview [opens in new window]

The bar was set remarkably high yesterday, with Brandon Webb complete-game shutout. How will Micah Owings fare, following on from that? His last outing was probably his best since May, striking out eight and pitching into the seventh inning, allowing only one run. After a hideous July (0-3, with a 9.55 ERA), Owings has rebounded this month, posting an ERA of 2.89 in his three appearances, though victory has so far eluded him, with his winless streak now up to nine starts.

He will have the advantage of unfamiliarity over the Braves, who have yet to face him. Mind you, we're not much better off against Carlyle, with Jeff Cirillo the only player to have had more than one plate-appearance. He has faced the Diamondbacks before, but that was all the way back in October 1999, when he was with the Padres. Obviously, no-one who played that day is still with the team...well, not so obviously, actually, as the winning pitcher that day was...Byung-Hyun Kim.

Going to make an earnest effort to be around for all of this one, so I look forward to being an active participant and extending our streak of hundred-post threads.