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Gameday Thread, #123: 8/17 vs. Braves

Brandon Webb (28, RHP, 12-8, 2.77)
Lance Cormier (26, RHP, 0-2, 13.50) preview [opens in new window]

Remember Cormier? Used to play for us, got traded to the Braves for Johnny Estrada? Never amounted to much for us - ERA+ of 71 over his two season in Arizona - and hasn't amounted to much for Atlanta either, with an ERA+ in his two seasons there of...71. At least he's consistent.

Got to feel confident with Webb on the mound, who last allowed a run back when a ground-rule double ricocheted off a mammoth and landed in the La Brea tar-pits. Or maybe it just seems that way. This recent stretch has probably been the best he's ever played, and we'll keep our fingers crossed the streak can end the day still intact, around the 40-inning mark.

Won't be active for this one, as I've got a birthday party to attend. But I leave our NL lead in the hands of our ace, and the ongoing streak of three-figure Gameday Threads in your capable hands...