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Gameday Thread, #120: 8/14 vs. Anyone. Anyone at all

Byung-Hyun Kim (28, RHP, 6-5, 4.93)
Dontrelle Willis (25, LHP, 7-12, 4.98) preview [opens in new window]

Back on the road, with a six-game sweep through Florida and Atlanta. It threatens to be fiery and sticky: not least for Byung-Hung Kim, who has a great deal to prove after his collapse during his first outing, at Chase last week. However, he's got a much more friendly environment to pitch in today - and I don't just mean the Florida fans, who will likely be less hostilr than the Arizona ones.

It's probably a surprise to realise that Kim has a better record and ERA than Willis. It's not so long ago that Willis was a stud: at the end of 2005, he was second in the NL Cy Young voting. But now, he's a shadow of his former self, with a WHIP of 1.64. He still murders lefties, who are batting only .135 against him: right-handed hitters, however, are all the way up at .328, so I imagine the lineup today will be somewhat short on southpaws.

Early start, as for all these games on the East-coast swing: 4.05pm today. My participation will therefore be "slim to none", initially due to the work thing, then because it's IZW at The Sets tonight, which will keep me occupied. Should get to see the last few innings there, however: let's hope they're a bit better than the last couple of innings on Sunday...