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Gameday Thread, #109: 8/1 vs. Padres

Micah Owings (24, RHP, 5-5, 5.13)
David Wells (44, LHP, 5-7, 5.02) preview [opens in new window]

This is the key game in the series: last night, with our ace on our mound, we were probably favored, and with Peavy facing Petit tomorrow, the Padres probably have the edge. Tonight could well be a case of who ends up being less underwhelming. Micah Owings may not have been brilliant the past couple of outings, but that's a damn sight better than David 'Another cream bun? Don't mind if I do!' Wells, who has allowed 14 runs on 14 hits and six walks, in only 7.1 innings. Perhaps it'll be of help that no-one on the Padres roster has ever seen Owings before. In contrast, Hudson, Byrnes and Clark have each had more than 25 looks at wells, with Eric batting .348 in that time. Tony Clark has an impressive 53 plate-appearances, the most times he has faced any pitcher, though only three of those are since 2004.

Not sure how much I'll be about tonight, as we're plotting to catch-up on some movies. But might be able to poke my head round the door at sporadic moments!