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AZ SnakePit Fantasy Baseball, Week 14


AZ SnakePit 7, Douchebaggery 1 Leaders Douche went down to the surging SnakePit, who are 22-5-3 in the past three weeks. Douche's pitching was sunk by Garland's 11 ER outing, and a split of saves was all they managed: Dotel picked up two wins for Snake. Offense was quiet, but DeRosa (Douche) and Stairs (Snake) had 6 RBI each.

dbacktom 3, Chupacabras 5 tom batted .324 but fell just short elsewhere, Chupa prevailing by 3 R, 1 HR and 2 RBI, with Lowell (6 R, 2 H, 8 RBI) their star. Pitching was close too: neither team managed a size, but Chupa got two wins from De La Rosa, and Tom two, plus 11 K's, from Lilly. Lackey (tom) also had 11 K's.

The Fighting Amish 4. Desert Dingleberries 5 HR ended tied at four, and that was enough to give Dingle the edge. Bartlett (Dingle) scored nine runs, while Holliday (Amish) scored and drove in seven. Harang (Amish) led all pitchers with a win and 12 K's, but Hoffman and Capps saved two each for Dingle. Neither team had an ERA below five.

4 K's 4 Gonzo 4, GregSchulteOverdrive 6 The Home Run Derby started early, these teams combining for 19 blasts: Morneau (Greg) and Braun (Greg) had four apiece, with the former driving in 13. Wang picked up two wins for Gonzo, and Zambrano a win and 13 K's for Greg whose team ERA was only 2.39. Gonzo batted .343 on the week.

Crazy VIII's 8, Baked 2 VIII's roller-coaster season continued with a convincing victory that sent them clear at the top. They won four points in both pitching and hitting, with the now-departed Damon scoring seven runs, and A-Rod driving in seven. Baked got 12 K's from Cabrera, and 8 RBI from McCann, but it wasn't enough.

Bob Melvin Sucks 6, CoJack Forever 3 Bob rolled on, despite Bedard's W and 20 K's for CoJack; Carmona's 2 W, 13 K week was their best arm. CoJack hit .374, with no-one hitting less than .333, but Konerko's 3 homers powered Bob's offense and Weathers saved two games, albeit blowing a third chance on Sunday against the D-backs.

BBTNG 4, 7-2 Offsuiters 5 BBTNG struggled with injury, losing four position players to the DL. They were swept in hitting as a result, though Howard's 10 RBI week for 7-2 would have been hard to beat; Andruw Jones scored eight runs too. Pitching was a different matter: Vazquez (BBTNG) had a 2 W, 15 K week, but saves ended tied at one, preventing a sweep and giving 7-2 overall victoty.

Tucson Myth 9, Webby17 1 Myth had their best week of the year, with Webby picking up only SB (Roberts had four). Wells had four HR for Myth, who piled up 44 RBI, 11 homers and a .316 average. Robertson led their pitchers, with a W and 11 K: that's more than Webby managed in total, as they lost three arms to the DL and their staff imploded.

The Don Quixotes 4, Kapsaicin Kids 6 Don piled up thirteen homers, with three for Blake, but six steals for Reyes and a .315 average meant Kids had the edge in hitting. Hamels (Don) and Escobar (Kids) each had a win and 8 K's; Gregg (Don) notched three saves, but Kids 3.09 ERA was enough, and they held on to win from there.

Shenanigans 8, warlords 2 Shen celebrated having four All-Stars with a solid victory, sweeping hitting: Cano had three HR, and Helton drove in nine for them; Pence homered three times for War. Pitching was more even but lacklustre: Rogers (war) had the only win for either team, and Shen's 5.40 ERA was enough to take that category. Neither side managed a save.


 1. Crazy VIII's          80-47-13  -
 2. 4 K's 4 Gonzo         76-52-12  4.5
 3. Douchebaggery         77-54-9   5
 4. Bob Melvin Sucks      71-52-17  7
 5. GregSchulteOverdrive  73-58-9   9
 6. Desert Dingleberries  72-61-7  11
 7. The Fighting Amish    70-59-11 11
 8. Shenanigans           68-61-11 13
 9. Kapsaicin Kids        69-62-9  13
10. warlords              68-61-11 13
11. dbacktom              65-62-13 15
12. The Don Quixotes      64-63-13 16
13. Chupacabras           58-68-14 21.5
14. BBTNG                 60-70-10 21.5
15. AZ SnakePit           60-73-7  23
16. CoJack Forever        59-72-9  23
17. 7-2 Offsuiters        55-73-12 25.5
18. Tucson Myth           56-75-9  26
19. Baked                 45-84-11 36
20. Webby17               45-84-11 36

This week's games

AZ SnakePit vs. The Don Quixotes
dbacktom vs. Douchebaggery
The Fighting Amish vs. Chupacabras
4 K's 4 Gonzo vs. Desert Dingleberries
Crazy VIII's vs. GregSchulteOverdrive
Bob Melvin Sucks vs. Baked
BBTNG vs. CoJack Forever
Tucson Myth vs. 7-2 Offsuiters
Shenanigans vs. Kapsaicin Kids
warlords vs. Webby17

With no games till Thursday, this short week should be a bit of a crap-shoot, with lineup construction crucial to maximize starts and at-bats. VIII's vs. Greg will be the game of the week, as VIII look to consolidate the first significant lead of the season managed by any team, and Greg to extend their four-week winning streak. They'll be looking to A-Rod (30 HR, 86 RBI) to continue his MVP-caliber season, and Peavy to anchor the rotation. Greg have been powered by Minnesota, Morneau and Hunter, with the mercuric Zambrano and Oakland's Gaudin their men on the mound.