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Gameday Thread, #87: 7/5 vs. Cardinals

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Doug Davis (31, LHP, 5-9, 4.29)
Adam Wainwright (25, RHP, 6-7, 4.81) preview [opens in new window]

Another day, another must-win game, especially with the Padres beating Florida 1-0 yesterday. Yesterday was a kick in the teeth: good start from Livan, offense from the bottom of the order, but the bullpen (generally a source of strength) coughed this one up. We need Doug Davis to stop walking people: nineteen free passes handed out in only his last five starts, covering 27 innings. Six last time, a season-high.

It's looking like the All-Star break can't come quickly enough for this team, but a win would make us 3-4 on the road-trip, with a decent shot at breaking even after the Reds series. That would have been disappointing going in, but the way we've played lately, I'd settle for that, then lick our wounds during the four-day break.