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Gameday Thread, #86: 7/4 vs. cardinals

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Livan Hernandez (32, RHP, 5-5, 4.58)
Brad Thompson (25, RHP, 6-3, 4.88) preview [opens in new window]

Happy Fourth, people. I don't hold it against you Americans for throwing us out. We got our revenge when we sent you American Idol. But will it be the good D-backs or the bad ones who show up tonight? Who can say? I've a feeling we might struggle, as their starter is an almost unknown quantity; the current D-backs can muster just nine plate-appearances against him, with Quentin having the sole hit. No walks, but that'd be about par for the course recently.

Stumbled across this article today: Anti-Bonds banners confiscated, marketing efforts hit resistance. Seems that MLB authorities are trying to silence fans from expressing their opinions of Bonds at games. I also notice the discrepancy between the letter the Diamondbacks sent - "We have been asked by Major League Baseball to carefully screen the signs that are brought into the ballpark by our fans" - and the comments later by a MLB spokesman, "Major League Baseball has issued no edicts regarding Bonds, and each team has discretion regarding signage and fan behavior." Very interesting.

Speaking of steroids, suffered a nasty flashback this afternoon. Was watching an episode of The Show, and this episode focussed on Casey Daigle. No, that wasn't so terrible [though if you remember his first start, you may disagree] - it was the sight of him coming out of the dugout alongside Jason Grimsley that got me to throw up in my mouth a little bit. Did anyone hear anything more about Grimsley? The last I heard was back around October last year, when there were reports he'd named Roger Clemens; since then, nothing. No court-case, no testimony, nothing.

Finally, let's salute what's undoubtedly the finest athletic achievement of the day. Joey Chestnut, who smashed his own world hot-dog eating record, set at Arizona Mills last month, by consuming sixty-six hot-dogs and buns in twelve minutes at Coney Island. He held off a stirring challenge from reigning champ Kobayashi, who set a personal best to finish second on 63. The Founding Fathers would be so proud...