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Gameday Thread, #85: 7/3 vs. Cardinals

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Randy Johnson (43, LHP, 4-3, 3.81)
Yusmeiro Petit (22, RHP, 0-1, 2.57)
Todd Wellemeyer (28, RHP, 2-1, 6.04) preview [opens in new window]

Just what we need after posting back-to-back losses in which we were outscored 24-4. The franchise's most legendary pitcher is now back on the DL. Welcome to the wonderful world of the Diamondbacks in the second-half. Was this what Melvin meant when he talked about shaking things up? I suspect not. Petit gets the call, and will likely be on the roster for the long-haul. I wonder at what point we simply write the year off for Randy, and sent him off to get surgery, so he can be right for 2008?

We'll see what happens here./ the Cardinals are still a below-average team, but we made them look like the reigning World Series champs they also are last night. This could very easily spiral out of control, and while Petit did very well in his first game for us, I'm not really happy relying on a pitcher with two career starts to stop the bleeding tonight. Still, you never know, and I should be around from about 6pm to comment on whatever may ensue...