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Gameday Thread, #107: 7/29 vs. Braves

Tim Hudson (31, RHP, 10-5, 3.24)
Livan Hernandez (32, RHP, 6-6, 4.59)

BaseballReference .com preview [opens in new window]

Not going to be around much for the next couple of days. As it's Mrs. SnakePit's birthday, we're off to Las Vegas for a couple of days: though I'm taking the laptop, opportunities to blog may be somewhat limited, shall we say! There's no game tomorrow, so that won't be an issue, and I should be back in time to post Tuesday night's Gameday Thread. Not sure if I'll have the chance to post a Fantasy Baseball report this week, but I'm sure you will cope, somehow...

We'll try to run our winning streak to nine today, though Hudson is a tough pitcher to face. He's only allowed four earned runs over his past three starts, covering 22.2 innings. But I can't say more, as Mrs. SnakePit is making tremulous, "we're gonna be late", airport-related sounds in the background, so I guess I'd better go and pack my suitcase. I leave the winning streak in your capable hands, and look forward to seeing it intact when I arrive in Vegas!