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Gameday Thread, #105: 7/27 vs. Braves

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Jo-Jo Reyes (22, LHP, 0-1, 6.14)
Yusmeiro Petit (22, RHP, 2-2, 2.54) preview [opens in new window]

Two big news stories breaking this afternoon: both have been discussed in the diaries, both the trade of Scott Hairston to the Padres [for a currently-broken AAA reliever], and the Big Unit missing the rest of the season to get surgery on his back. Again. Not exactly what we were hoping for, going by the poll results, with most people wanting him back to help us down the stretch. This news renders that poll kinda moot, so I've swapped it out with the 'Do we still licah Micah?' one.

The Braves come to town, and see if they can have any better luck at stopping the D-backs than their NL East brothers, the Marlins, who were caught, landed, filleted and fried by Arizona over the past four days. Tonight is a battle of 22-year old starters, and unknown quantities too: no-one on our roster has ever faced Reyes, and no-one on the Braves has more than two at-bats against Petit [back when he was with the Marlins, obviously].

Carlos Quentin got the call-up to replace Hairston, and you've got to think this was partly a PR move, with his Bobblehead Night tomorrow. Though, it also has to be said, the concept of DFAVanon playing right-field on a regular basis makes me glad to see Carlos return. He was kicking butt down in Tucson, so it'll be interesting to see whether the retreat of the Great Satan to Missouri will lead to any improvement in Q's major-league performance. With Hairston no longer around, that's one less option for the team...

Won't be around to comment on this one, as it's Mrs. SnakePit's birthday party at Marcel's. That's at 3130 E Union Hills, if anybody feels like popping in for a drink! Should still be watching the game as much as possible, but obviously, that will be about it. Indeed, might be a quiet few days from me, Gameday Thread-wise, since we have the Romantasy cabaret show tomorrow, and are off to Las Vegas Sunday for a couple of days. I leave this one, and our winning streak, in your capable hands...