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Gameday Thread, #104: 7/26 vs. Marlins

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Byung-Hyun Kim (28, RHP, 5-5, 4.79)
Micah Owings (24, RHP, 5-5, 4.90) preview [opens in new window]

Pretty close in a number of categories tonight: identical records, ERA within 0.11 of each other, Owings has just two more K's than Kim, but has also allowed one more homer. We do have a bit more familiarity with Kim than the Marlins do with Owings, though only Tracy and Hudson have more than ten PA's: a combined 5-for-17 with six walks. I haven't looked at the lineup yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if Drew (5-for-7) and Clark (5-for-8, with 2 HR and 5 RBI) are in it. Meaninglessly small sample size? What's that?

On the other hand, nobody in the Marlins lineup has ever faced Owings before, so hopefully that might stave off the third-time through collapse which has been his nemesis this season. Three of his last four outings have ground to a halt before five innings, and we haven't seen a quality start from him in more than a month, and a win since June 20th. Still, the way this team has been hitting the past couple of nights, combined with Kim's dismal career numbers against Arizona (1-5, with an 8.56 ERA) give me cause for cautious optimism.

Elsewhere, the Padres are getting crushed, 7-1 in the fourth, by Houston. So if that holds up, a win tonight would give us at least a tie in the wild-card lead. [Cubs are 1-0 down to St. Louis in the fifth] Much as I love Kim, that goes on hold tonight, and he's just another enemy pitcher...