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AZ SnakePit Fantasy Baseball: Week 16

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AZ SnakePit 1, Shenanigans 9 Shen blew Snake away, and it wasn't even close: out-hitting them by 116 points, with an ERA 2.69 runs better. Cano scored 8 and drove in nine, while Zito had a W and 12 K's. Snake's only win was stolen bases, thanks to three from Jeter. Jones had three saves for Shen, to complete the rout.

dbacktom 6, The Don Quixotes 4 Don had the edge at the plate, with Chris Young's five run, 2 HR week their best, but Ramirez drove in ten for tom, before separating his shoulder; Abreu scored and drove in eight for them too. tom surged ahead on the mound: Valverde had three shutout saves, thought Hernandez (Don) had 12 K's.

The Fighting Amish 7, Douchebaggery 3 Though Lee homered three times for Douche, Crawford's five runs and five SB, as well as a .474 average, helped Amish to a narrow lead in hitting. They also posted a 1.75 ERA, less than one-quarter that of Douche, with Perez (W + 8 K) their ace. Wagner had two saves for Douche.

4 K's 4 Gonzo 4, Chupacabras 5 Chupa roared off, taking every hitting category behind eight runs and three homers from Ramirez. However, Gonzo were almost as impeccable when it came to pitching, Lidge's three saves and nine K's their best return. However, Rauch vultured two wins to tie that at four, and give Chupa victory.

Crazy VIII's 6, Desert Dingleberries 3 VIII got 10 runs and 12 RBI from A-Rod...but lost both categories as Desert got seven runs and nine RBI from both Wright and Kemp. Similarly, Brad Penny (Dingle) led all pitchers with 13 K's and two victories, but his team failed to win either category. Guthrie (VIII) had two wins as well.

Bob Melvin Sucks 5, GregSchulteOverdrive 3 A close game, with both K's and WHIP ending tied, while HR and W were decided by a single point. Konerko (Bob) had three HR and seven RBI, as did Beltran (Greg), while Utley scored nine runs for Bob. Carmona had a W and seven K's for Bob, and Weathers notched the week's only two saves.

BBTNG 3, Baked 7 Baked moved off the bottom with a surprise win over reigning champions BBTNG. Cabrera hit .423 and homered twice, while three saves for Corpas anchored their pen. Glaus had three homers and drove in eight for BBTNG, but they frequently came up just short, losing by one RBI, one SB and .006 in BA.

Tucson Myth 3, CoJack Forever 7 Jack pounded out five wins, 43 K's and a sub-three ERA, with Bedard (W + 11 K) their star: Chad Cordero notched a league-high four saves for Myth. Offensively, it was more even, though Upton (8 R, 3 HR, 8 RBI) had the best figures for Jack. Grudzielanek scored eight times for Myth and batted .464.

7-2 Offsuiters 7, Webby17 2 7-2 have long wished for a Ryan Howard time-machine, and got their desire this week, as he hit five homers and drove in 13 runs. No surprise they almost swept hitting. They did well on the mound too, Pettitte getting a win and 15 K's. Neither side managed a save: Figgins batted .478 for Webby.

warlords 1, Kapsaicin Kids 9 Kids were almost unstoppable, dropping only saves, where Francisco Cordero had three for war. Otherwise, one-way traffic, though the teams had only four homers combined - less than Ryan Howard! Chipper Jones scored eight, while Lincecum led all pitchers with 16 K's this week for Kids.


 1. Crazy VIII's          90-55-15  -
 2. 4 K's 4 Gonzo         88-59-13  3
 3. Bob Melvin Sucks      81-59-20  6.5
 4. Kapsaicin Kids        84-64-12  7.5
 5. The Fighting Amish    84-64-12  7.5
 6. Douchebaggery         82-67-11 10
 7. GregSchulteOverdrive  81-67-12 10.5
 8. Shenanigans           78-68-14 12.5
 9. dbacktom              77-68-15 13
10. Desert Dingleberries  77-75-8  16.5
11. The Don Quixotes      72-74-14 18.5
12. warlords              72-75-13 19
13. 7-2 Offsuiters        71-76-13 20
14. CoJack Forever        71-80-9  22
15. Chupacabras           65-79-16 24.5
16. BBTNG                 68-82-10 24.5
17. AZ SnakePit           66-86-8  27.5
18. Tucson Myth           60-91-9  33
19. Baked                 56-92-12 35.5
20. Webby17               52-94-14 38.5

Upcoming Games

AZ SnakePit vs. warlords
dbacktom vs. Shenanigans
The Fighting Amish vs. The Don Quixotes
4 K's 4 Gonzo vs. Douchebaggery
Crazy VIII's vs. Chupacabras
Bob Melvin Sucks vs. Desert Dingleberries
BBTNG vs. GregSchulteOverdrive
Tucson Myth vs. Baked
7-2 Offsuiters vs. CoJack Forever
Kapsaicin Kids vs. Webby17

Gonzo vs. Douche is the game of the week. Former leaders Douche have hit a road-bump, with three consecutive losses, going 6-20-4 in that time. They want to get back on track, but face a tough opponent in Gonzo. Douche will look to Carlos Lee (21 RBI in the last month) to lead their offense, though their pitching is more of a problem at the moment, with Lowe and Morris both struggling of late. Gonzo, too, have dropped two of the past three, after a nine-week winning streak. Braun (10 HR, .343) has been brilliant over the past month, but on the mound, Wang is their only starter with an ERA under four during that time.