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Gameday Thread, #101: 7/23 vs. Marlins

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Dontrelle Willis (25, LHP, 7-9, 5.13)
Doug Davis (31, LHP, 6-10, 4.13) preview [opens in new window]

The D-Train vs. Double-D, as Arizona return to Chase Field for the next week. Willis has been having a lot of problems of late: in his last three outings, he's thrown only 12.2 innings total, but allowed 26 hits, eight walks and 13 earned runs. We should hope that's a trend that continues, injecting new life into our offense. On the other hand, we might continue our charitable work on behalf of struggling pitchers everywhere...

Doug Davis. Nineteen walks in his last four starts, but three quality starts in a row. Not quite sure how he's managed this, but it appears to have involved an industrial-strength fog-machine and enough reflective surfaces to outfit the Playboy mansion. I have little reason to expect any change in his standard practice tonight. Keep an eye on the walks: all of his wins this season have come when he's walked four or less, and he's 0-5 when allowing five or more.

A slightly-early post: I should be around for most of this, but we do have to go get our car first. It's finally completed its restoration after our little incident on the 51. and we'll be glad to get our baby back. I wonder if it missed us? :-) Fantasy Baseball report to follow later too, all being well.