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Gameday Thread, #96: 7/18 vs. Brewers

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Doug Davis (31, LHP, 6-10, 4.19)
Chris Capuano (28, LHP, 5-6, 5.16) preview [opens in new window]

Minor brush with celebrity today, as I provided technical support to CJ Nitkowski, former major-league reliever, now playing in Japan. He's got a blog detailing life there, and it's quite a fun read. Wish some of our players would do the same, and give us an insight into their thoughts and lives: especially the young players, about whose personalities I really know nothing. Mind you, given the gaggle of groupies wearing 'Drew' shirts we saw outside the player's entrance at Chase on Sunday, they're probably far too busy to be blogging...

Meanwhile, Fox Sports are having an Eric Byrnes lookalike contest during the game on Friday, July 27. Entrants need to be at Sliders from 5pm on, and the three finalists picked there get judged by a panel of Todd Walsh, Dan Bickley, and Mrs. Matt Williams [but not Eric, oddly]. The winner gets to meet Byrnes the next day, and will also appear on The Eric Byrnes Show. I'd enter, but don't know where to find a hedge through which I can be dragged backwards. :-)

Caught a break yesterday, with the Padres and Dodgers both losing, but we can't rely upon that happening every night. Davis is currently on pace for about a 17-loss season, which would be a franchise record, I think, though he hasn't pitched that badly. The walks are a serious problem: we hoped that was something he'd correct this year, but he's actually got worse in 2007: his BB/9 are five per nine innings, compared to about 4.5 last season.

For the second straight night, we face another former D-back, in Chris Capuano. With an ERA+ of only 83, he has been far from the force he threatened to become based on last year, when he was an All-Star. Long may that continue, for at least another night. Though the way we play against mediocre pitching, this could be the start of the rest of his career...