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Gameday Thread, #95: 7/17 vs. Brewers

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Yusmeiro Petit (1-1, 3.12 ERA)
Claudio Vargas (6-2, 4.52 ERA) preview [opens in new window - not working at time of writing]

We meet an old friend tonight, with Claudio Vargas taking the mound for the Brewers. He's been okay so far, with an ERA not much worse than Doug Davis (albeit working in a more pitcher-friendly site). He faced Petit, who gets another start and will be looking to continue a run of decent starts: despite Owings' better showing yesterday, management may still have an interesting decision to make when Johnson comes back.

But a word to the offense: there are other ways to score runs, apart from depositing the ball in the bleachers. I'm just saying', y'know? If we can get some decent hitting - perhaps even a knock with runners in scoring position - I'm optimistic this is a game we can win.