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AZ SnakePit Fantasy Baseball, Week 15


AZ SnakePit 5, The Don Quixotes 4 In a shortened week, Snake pipped Don, in a close battle. Snake had a great whip of 0.88, but Washburn's 7 K's were good for Don. Garko (Don), Jeter and Chavez (both Snake) homered twice, and Don batted .327. Sexson scored four runs for Snake.

dbacktom 6, Douchebaggery 2 tom smacked douche about a bit, piling on 25 RBI, with Abreu's eight their best mark. Runs and Wins were split, but a 2.33 ERA for tom, with Durbin, Valverde and Qualls posting zeroes indicated how the pitching went too. Douche did get three saves from Wagner.

The Fighting Amish 7, Chupacabras 2 Amish swept pitching, with Harang (W + 8 K's) their ace; Germano's Sunday shutout of AZ also helped him. Hitting was evenly split, though the teams combined for only four HR. Ramirez (Chupa) had seven RBI, but Amish countered with three stolen bases from Crawford.

4 K's 4 Gonzo 8, Desert Dingleberries 2 Desert fell apart on the mound, with no wins or saves, only 2 K's and an 8.36 ERA. Gonzo took full advantage to sweep, despite a 7.04 ERA of their own. Desert did take Runs and SB, but Braun's two homer, four RBI week for Gonzo was the best performance with the lumber.

Crazy VIII's 4, GregSchulteOverdrive 5 A tight game turned on Wins, both sides notching two. Greg batted .307 but Rollins five-run, two HR week kept VIII in the game. Zambrano (W + 7K) was the best performance on the mound, and gave Greg the edge, after they took the final three categories, to win by the narrowest of margins.

Bob Melvin Sucks 5, Baked 4 Last-placed Baked pushed Melvin all the way: if they'd got just one save, they'd have come away with a tie. Cabrera smashed three homers for them, but Melvin took the other hitting categories, behind Utley who drove in six and hit .533. Baked roared back on the mound, but came up just short: Melvin will be breathing a sigh of relief after this game.

BBTNG 5, CoJack Forever 5 These two couldn't be split: one save was enough for BBTNG, but CoJack took BA by only .002, both teams hitting over .370. CoJack also posted a sub-two ERA and Webb's ten K's powered them to a total of 37. But Phillips' two HR, 8 RBI for BBTNG was key to their results, and the tie seems like a fair result.

Tucson Myth 1, 7-2 Offsuiters 9 7-2 proved near-unstoppable, dropping only K's to Myth. They weren't that overwhelming, but proved good enough: Willingham hit 3 HR for Myth, but 7-2's team performance (batting .318 in total) was relentless, despite no-one having more than four runs, or five RBI and K's. Ray had a W and two saves for 7-2.

Shenanigans 1, Kapsaicin Kids 6 R, SB and W all ended level, but outside of that, it was almost all Kids, as Shen won only BA. Kids had two HR weeks from Reyes and Guillen, and two Save ones from Rivera and Nathan, but RBI were hard to come by, as the sides managed only nineteen combined. Kids did have the week's second-best ERA, a miniscule 1.05.

warlords 3, Webby17 5 In limited action, Webby set a new record, their depleted rotation allowing zero earned runs. However, the lack of innings meant war had a split of pitching, and it was Webby's superior hitting that won the day. Ortiz (5 RBI) and Figgins (4 SB) were their best performers, as Webby hit .317 to take the game.


 1. Crazy VIII's          84-52-14  -
 2. 4 K's 4 Gonzo         84-54-12  1
 3. Bob Melvin Sucks      76-56-18  6
 4. Douchebaggery         79-60-11  6.5
 5. The Fighting Amish    77-61-12  8
 6. GregSchulteOverdrive  78-62-10  8
 7. Kapsaicin Kids        75-63-12 10
 8. dbacktom              71-64-15 12.5
 9. warlords              71-66-13 13.5
10. Desert Dingleberries  74-69-7  13.5
11. Shenanigans           69-67-14 15
12. The Don Quixotes      68-68-14 16
13. 7-2 Offsuiters        64-74-12 21
14. BBTNG                 65-75-10 21
15. AZ SnakePit           65-77-8  22
16. CoJack Forever        64-77-9  22.5
17. Chupacabras           60-75-15 23.5
18. Tucson Myth           57-84-9  29.5
19. Webby17               50-87-13 34.5
20. Baked                 49-89-12 36

This week's games

AZ SnakePit vs. Shenanigans
dbacktom vs. The Don Quixotes
The Fighting Amish vs. Douchebaggery
4 K's 4 Gonzo vs. Chupacabras
Crazy VIII's vs. Desert Dingleberries
Bob Melvin Sucks vs. GregSchulteOverdrive
BBTNG vs. Baked
Tucson Myth vs. CoJack Forever
7-2 Offsuiters vs. Webby17
warlords vs. Kapsaicin Kids

Bob vs Greg was a credible option for ESPN programmers, but having seen Greg last week, they opt for the equally-good Douche vs. Amish match-up. Amish posted their first win in three weeks to get their season back on track: their strength is on the mound, where they have a winning record in every category bar ERA, where they're 7-8. Millwood and Harang have four wins each in the past month. Douche have only 26 wins (19th in the league) but their ERA and WHIP are both better than average. Only one team has more homers, though output has dipped there lately. DeRosa is batting .350 with 18 RBI this month.