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Gameday Thread, #91: 7/13 vs. Padres

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Greg Maddux (41, RHP, 7-6, 4.19)
Doug Davis (31, LHP, 5-10, 4.26) preview [opens in new window]

Had to look around and find out what to do here; seems like ages since I last had a GameDay Thread to write up, but I guess it's only five days. Tonight, we see two pitchers face off: one is a 300-game winner, a sure-fire first ballot Cooperstown entrant who has been to the playoffs twelve times, and whose .619 career winning percentage is #68 all-tome. The other is Doug Davis.

Still, hope springs eternal, in that we can somehow steal a win today or tomorrow, and go to Brandon Webb for the victory on Sunday. I can't go into the details of exactly how Davis is going to beat Maddux, but I've a cunning plan that involves a duck, two liters of olive-oil and an egg-whisk. It can't fail, I tell you! Certainly, I hope our phenomenal streak of unclutchness will come to an end, and we'll break out the lumber.

If not, it's a long time until October...