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Gameday Thread, #61: 6/7 vs. Giants

Noah Lowry, LHP (5-5, 3.28)
Livan Hernandez, RHP (5-3, 3.65)

Time for the - and I quote one of the McCovey Chronicles commentators, but will leave out the foul-mouthed section - "Indian draggers" of Arizona to complete the sweep and send the Giants whimpering back to their cold, congested and sea-lion infested home by the Bay. Who's up for another one-run win? With a solo homer by Chris Young the margin of victory?

Livan on the mound vs. Lowry, so that should be fun. We've already got the series in the bag, but it'd be nice to take this one too, and set up for some real competition this weekend against the Red Sox. After all, we do have more wins than any other team in the NL right now. So I guess the Giants are good for something. :-)