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Gameday Thread, #60: 6/6 vs. Giants

Matt Morris, RHP (6-2, 2.66)
Brandon Webb, RHP (5-3, 3.39)

Time to put our foot on the throats of the Giants, and squeeze it firmly. Wins tonight and tomorrow would all but end their season, with more than 100 games to go. And, as noted in the comments, unlike the Diamondbacks, their fans really don't have much to look forward to - apart from perhaps an empty, hollow celebration when/if Bonds passes Aaron.

Tonight, we send Webb to the mound, which is always a good thing. But Matt Morris has been the Giants most reliable pitcher, and has six quality starts in a row. However, only one of those was against a team better than three games over .500, and the last time he faced AZ (also at Chase), he got lit up for 12 hits and five earned runs. Here's to more of the same tonight, and a Dodgers win, to take Arizona into sole possession of the NL West.