The 'Ask Bill Murphy' contest

Second episode of The Show tonight on MOJO HD, so looking forward to that. To tie in with the series we've got our first player interview coming up: we'll be quizzing Bill Murphy, one of the six members of the Tucson Sidewinders who are featured on the show, and among the most intriguing characters. We also got a rather natty prize package from MOJO: a pouch kinda thing, that contains a MOJO T-shirt, the DVD box-set of the first series of Dr. Danger and other bits and pieces.

Putting the two together, we're giving away the MOJO goodies to whoever comes up with the best question for Mr. Murphy. We've already come up with a bunch of our own, but this is your chance to find out about life in the minor-leagues. The contest is open to all readers, foreign or domestic: though given the cost of postage, any foreign readers need a really good question to win. :-) Closing date will be noon a week today (June 12th), and we are the final judges. You can enter as many times as you like, so put your thinking caps on...

Some background which might get you going: we got Bill from the Dodgers as part of the Steve Finley trade in 2004, but was originally signed by the A's as a third-round pick in 2002. He's currently pitching out of the bullpen for Tucson, and has a very respectable 2.70 ERA in 27 games and 30 innings there with a BB:K ratio of 13:27. He has hosted a weekly radio show, Monday's with Murph, on COOL 1450.

Bill's Baseball Cube stats page
A 2005 Baseball America interview