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AZ SnakePit Fantasy Baseball: Week 9

Week 9 Results

AZ SnakePit 1, CoJack Forever 8 Another slapping for SnakePit, though many categories were close (1 W and SB). Cojack pitched brilliantly, with a 2.41 ERA, and a W and 12 K's for Beckett. Zimmerman's 8 RBI led all players; Sheets had two W's for SnakePit, and Gagne a pair of saves.

dbacktom 5, 7-2 Offsuiters 4 A close game was went to tom, after SB's were split at two: Valverde's two saves also proved crucial. 7-2 had the edge in RBI, with Markakis driving in seven but their pitching managed no wins and just one save. Lilly struck out nine for Tom, while Ordonez and Ibanez scored seven runs each.

The Fighting Amish 5, Tucson Myth 4 Amish and Tucson split HR at five, but Amish have their pitching to thank for victory: a 0.87 WHIP and four wins from four different pitchers. They batted only .221, and Willingham drove in eight for Myth. Perez led all pitchers with 13 K's for Amish, and Coco Crisp's three stolen bases were enough to take that category too.

4 K's 4 Gonzo 7, BBTNG 2 Gonzo rolled over the defending champions, who continue to struggle. Francis won twice for Gonzo and Burnett had 12 K's as they swept pitching. It was a tougher fight at the plate, where Teixeira homered twice and scored seven, but Hill's 7 RBI was a solid counter for Gonzo, who also posted an ERA below two.

Crazy VIII's 3, Bob Melvin Sucks 7 VII's lost the first seven categories before rallying to take the final three and restore some respectability to the final score. Martinez and Guillen each drove in 11 for Bob, and they hit a monstrous .342 with 14 HR for the week. Both sides struggled on the mound, with no pitcher striking ont more than seven.

Baked 5, Kapsaicin Kids 5 These two couldn't be separated, and the margin of victory was only two in six categories. Three steals for Taveras gave that to Kids, in a see-saw battle that could have gone either way. Bonderman (Baked) was a star for Baked, winning twice and striking out 14. Lincecum also fanned 14 for Kids. Cabrera's two HR for Baked was the best mark.

GregSchulteOverdrive 4, warlords 6 Two tough teams faced off, with war edging Greg, thanks to a stolen base from Jason Giambi, before he hit the DL. They had an edge in hitting, batting over .300, with Guerrero driving in eight. But Greg took pitching behind two wins for Gaudin, though Cordero's four saves were crucial for war.

Desert Dingleberries 5, Shenanigans 4 Desert pipped Shen, holding on for a tie in HR with Hernandez hitting two and driving in ten. Batista won twice, but Shen's Capuano piled up 16 K's. However, a brutal 47.25 ERA for the week by Jones sealed their fate, along with Hoffman's save for Desert, the only one picked up by either team.

Chupacabras 2, the don quixotes 5 Don were a little fortunate to win this: three categories (SB, Avg and Sv) were tied, with one HR and RBI also their margin of victory. Both sides batted .308, but Fielder's four HR led all players. Rodriguez (Chupa) and Gregg (don) saved three each, but neither side covered themselves in glory on the mound.

Douchebaggery 8, Webby17 2 Douce punted Webby, with a sweep in pitching, despite only 21 K's and a 4.55 ERA. Byrnes was their hero, scoring nine runs and homering three times. Bay also homered three times for Webby, and Figgins' three SB led to one of their two points, the other coming in Avg. where they hit .304.


 1. warlords             53-32-5   -
 2. Douchebaggery        50-36-4   3.5
 3. 4 K's 4 Gonzo        47-34-9   4
 4. Crazy VIII's         46-35-9   5
 5. Bob Melvin Sucks     45-35-10  5.5
 6. dbacktom             46-37-7   6
 7. GregSchulteOverdrive 45-39-6   7.5
 8. Desert Dingleberries 44-40-6   8.5
 9. Kapsaicin Kids       43-39-8   8.5
10. the don quixotes     42-40-8   9.5
11. Chupacabras          42-40-8   9.5
12. CoJack Forever       43-42-5  10
13. The Fighting Amish   41-41-8  10.5
14. Shenanigans          38-42-10 12.5
15. 7-2 Offsuiters       39-45-6  13.5
16. BBTNG                37-48-5  16
17. Baked                34-46-10 16.5
18. Tucson Myth          35-49-6  17.5
19. Webby17              32-51-7  20
20. AZ SnakePit          28-59-3  26

Week 10 Games

AZ SnakePit vs. Baked
dbacktom vs. CoJack Forever
The Fighting Amish vs. 7-2 Offsuiters
4 K's 4 Gonzo vs. Tucson Myth
Crazy VIII's vs. BBTNG
Bob Melvin Sucks vs. Webby17
GregSchulteOverdrive vs. Kapsaicin Kids
Desert Dingleberries vs. warlords
Chupacabras vs. Shenanigans
Douchebaggery vs. the don quixotes

Desert Dingleberries face a tough task in the week's featured match-up, taking on league leaders warlords. Desert's strong suits are BA and Wins, where they have posted 7-2 records, with Ichiro leading their offense, while Penny and Willis anchor the rotation. warlords are undefeated in the saves category, having piled up 34 (21 for Cordero, 13 for Isringhausen), and are no slouches at the plate with Guerrero batting .347.

Finally, an interesting piece over at he sent me it, because it mentions Mark Reynolds, but I liked the section below, about the corrupting influence of Fantasy Baseball on the simple pleasure of watching the game. Certainly, we've all been in the situation where the Diamondbacks are facing a pitcher on your fantasy roster: all of a sudden, that blowout win you've been wanting all week now is a thing of dread. Curious as to how people cope with this kind of treacherous feeling?