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Gameday Thread, #82: 6/30 vs. Giants

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Doug Davis (31, LHP, 5-8, 4.16)
Noah Lowry (26, LHP, 7-6, 3.61) preview [opens in new window]

Not much time to write here; we've a big event at the Paper Heart Gallery tonight - Romantasy, a kinda vaudeville, burlesque, carnival sideshow sort of thing. Not quite sure what our role is supposed to be, beyond having been the ticket sellers for pre-sales. I'll be lap-topping, so may be able to check in from there, if the chance permits, but it's all a bit vague. This one could go either way, I think; Lowry beat the Yankees last start, but Davis gave us a quality start too. Ok, let's see: an Arizona win, and a San Diego loss, will put us back on top again, so let's go for that.