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Gameday Thread, #79: 6/27 vs. Dodgers

Derek Lowe (34, RHP, 8-6, 3.14)
Brandon Webb (28, RHP, 7-5, 3.24) preview [opens in new window]

Not much time for a preview, since we got utterly distracted by Ninja Warrior on G4TTV. It's like MXC, but taken seriously. We've just signed up for a season's pass on the Tivo. Tonight's baseball, meanwhile, is a crunch game for Arizona, who need to draw a line on the sand, cough up a phlegm-globber, and dare Los Angeles to come and have a go, if they think they're hard enough. Battle of the sinker-ballers, as Lowe faces Webb: be fascinating to see the results. And, hopefully, an AZ win.