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Gameday Thread, #78: 6/26 vs. Dodgers

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Chad Billingsley (22, RHP, 4-0, 3.26)
Edgar Gonzalez (24, RHP, 3-2, 4.35) preview [opens in new window]

Kinda weird going to work this morning, a week, virtually to the minute after our crash - and seeing smashed cars pulled off to the right, almost at the same spot on the 51. Deja-vu, all over again, as Yogi might say. I'm sure that's an omen of something...not quite sure what, but since last Tuesday, we had our heroic comeback against the D-Rays, it's probably a good sign as far as tonight goes. Let's hope we can get through this one without me discovering any more of my former heroes have killed their wives and sons, before hanging themselves...

Nick Piecoro is confirming the Big Unit will start on Thursday. That's got to be a boost for the team going into tonight's game: a win would set us up in fine form for the next two games, with Webb and Johnson taking the mound. Not that tonight's opposing pitcher, Chad Billingsley, is negligible - he's undefeated this season, and is 2-0 with a 1.29 ERA against Arizona. However, he can be wild, and this is only his second start of the year. We'll need to do better than last night, in almost every area - but really, that shouldn't be hard.

Should be around for most of this, with no major plans, so please feel free to join me in the comments...