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Gameday Thread, #76: 6/24 vs. Orioles

Steve Trachsel (36, RHP, 5-5, 4.24)
Doug Davis (31, LHP, 4-8, 4.26) preview [opens in new window]

Pack a hamper: this is going to be a long one. Davis is not exactly the fastest worker in the league, but he looks like Speedy Gonzalez on meth beside Steve Trachsel, especially once runners get on base. Trachsel has 109 pickoff attempts this year: the next most in the AL has only 58. On May 28th, he also became only the second pitcher in more than four years to throw a complete game without striking out a batter. [No-one in the NL has managed that, since Mike DeJean for the Rockies vs. LA back in 1999]

Davis has had a couple of crap outings lately too, and that's something which probably concerns me more than Livan - because Davis is signed for the next two seasons as well. Not expecting anything Cy Young-ish, but he hasn't pitched past five innings in his past three starts. The bullpen could certainly do with a day off before the Dodgers series starts tomorrow, so here's to a long, strong outing, and another series victory.