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Gameday Thread, #74: 6/22 vs. Orioles

Daniel Cabrera (26, RHP, 5-8, 5.20)
Brandon Webb (28, RHP, 7-4, 3.14) preview [opens in new window]

After a pleasant off-day, it's back to action, as we face the Baltimore Orioles, who are, I believe, now advertising on for a new manager. Didn't seem to have stopped them in San Diego, where they ended their lengthy losing streak by taking two of three. However, we've got to feel good about this one: over the past seven games, Webb's ERA has been 2.94, almost half that of Cabrera's (5.87). We also beat Cabrera in his last start, though he did last eight innings.

Not going to be around for this one. The original plan was to fly to New York, since Mrs. SnakePit and I had Who Wants to be a Millionaire? auditions there. However, the plane we were looking to take has now filled up, so no free flights for us. The current plan involves seeing Day Watch, and then heading off to the Marquee to see VNV Nation. Should be a pleasant night, and I look forward to coming out to find us on top of the NL West, after we win and the Padres go down to the Red Sox. Don't let me down. :-)