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Gameday Thread, #72: 6/19 vs. Devil Rays

J.P. Howell, LHP (1-1, 3.60)
Doug Davis, LHP (4-8, 3.70)

Well, that was an interesting morning. Was driving down to work with Mrs. SnakePit, in the HOV lane. We notice a driver in the fast lane fishtailing wildly, just as we pass him. "That was lucky," we thought. Next thing we know: bang. He broadsides us on the passenger side, and drives our car into the median, literally lifting us off the ground. We grind to a halt.

Mrs. SnakePit okay? Yes. Shocked, and a grazed foot: we're still not sure how. Am I okay? Yes, if slightly disappointed my life didn't flash in front of me. The car, on the other hand... We call 911 and Officer Sundquist is soon there. She uses her patrol car to stop the traffic as we grind our way across to the other lane. The driver who hit us is very apologetic; basically, there should be no doubt who's fault it is, and his insurance should (hopefully) take care of it.

We unloaded a bunch of stuff from the car into our son's, who had been called to come and pick us up. And we watched, sadly, as our PT Cruiser was winched on to the back of a tow-truck, and away, to who knows what. We're all a little shook-up, needless to say, but thankful there were no serious injuries. Not quite sure what we do now: probably end up renting a car for a couple of weeks, to cover us until the insurance pays up. My neck is also making some strange noises, so we'll see how I feel tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Arizona tries to do something it's never done before: beat Tampa. I think this was part of Colangelo's deal with the Devil that brought us the 2001 World Series: "Yes, Jerry: that's $250 million in debt, an eternity of the worst mascot in the majors - oh, and you never get to beat Tampa Bay. Sign here." Last night was an embarrassment in just about every aspect. This team has shown that when it's hot, we can beat almost anyone...but we're equally capable of losing miserably to almost anyone.

We send up Davis, hardly a confidence booster. In his last two starts, he's allowed ten walks and 12 hits in only nine innings. Those were also both against AL East opposition, but the Devil Rays aren't supposed to be in the same league - except literally, of course. I stress that word, because they put a real hurting on us last night: about the only positive was Jackson coming one out short of tagging us for his first win. His emergency replacement then retired all seven hitters he faced. Sigh.

Won't be tuning in this evening, since it's IZW tonight. Emergency arrangements are being made to get us there and back, courtesy of our children. Knew they'd be good for something eventually. :-) Have fun, folks - more than last night, anyway - but most importantly, stay safe.