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AZ SnakePit Fantasy Baseball, Week 11


AZ SnakePit 2, GregSchulteOverdrive 7 Snake's win last week proved a false dawn, as Greg rolled over them behind 3 HR and 8 RBI for Morneau. Zambrano had a win, 14 K's and brawl on the mound for them too. Dotel's two saves for Snake and Jeter's .478 average led to Snake's only successes.

dbacktom 7, Baked 2 "EZ" does it for tom, since OrdonEZ and IbanEZ drove in eight runs each for them, as they hit .317 for the week. Kazmir had a win and 16 K's for Baked, but an overall ERA of 5.58 doomed their pitching staff. Ibanez (tom), Cabrera and Betemit (both Baked) had two homers apiece.

The Fighting Amish 7, CoJack Forever 3 CoJack took ERA and WHIP, but were unable to convert this to success elsewhere. Millwood's W and 11 K's helped Amish take both categories. Zimmerman (CoJack) had three HR, but Holliday's nine runs and seven RBI's for Amish was the best performance at the plate, and they cruised to victory.

4 K's 4 Gonzo 5, 7-2 Offsuiters 4 The narrowest win of the week went to Gonzo, with one run, one RBI and one save was their margin of victory. Duncan's two homer, 9-RBI week was thus crucial. They piled up 53 K's, with 16 by Oswalt, but lost ERA, as 7-2 posted a 1.78 figure, with only one pitcher abve three. Ross hit three homers for 7-2.

Crazy VIII's 8, Tucson Myth 1 The biggest blow-out, on the other hand, saw VIII's surge to the top, powered by A-Rod's 9 run, 3 HR, 10 RBI week. Griffey and Rollins also had three homers, as did Atkins for Myth. Pitching was similar, with Verlander (2 W, 18 K) leading all players. Myth's sole success was BA, where they hit .313.

Bob Melvin Sucks 4, BBTNG 4 A tight game ended level, with HR and W tied. Hawpe had four HR for Bob, but BBTNG countered with four from Dunn. BBTNG took ERA and WHIP: Dice-K's 8 K shutout win was their best performance. But the sole save by Weathers gave that to Bob, and allowed them to escape with a draw.

Desert Dingleberries 6, Kapsaicin Kids 4 The televised game proved a close match. Despite Kids 8.56 ERA, they still took K's, Escobar piling up 22. Six stolen bases for Reyes helped too, but Pena's 3 HR, 9 RBI week powered Desert in hitting. Mussina and Penny also got a W and 7 K's each for them.

Chupacabras 2, warlords 6 warlords batted .333 in a game dominated by hitting - war's mediocre 5.63 ERA was enough. Guerrero drove in eight for them, but Cordero's three saves were matched by Rodriguez's three for Chupa. Arroyo posted 10 K's and Teahen scored seven runs in a losing cause.

Douchebaggery 6, Shenanigans 4 Douche's stay at the top was brief: they won, but the margin was too small to keep them ahead. Pitching was their strength, with a W and 11 K's from Lowe their best return. Shen got eight RBI from Helton and Rowand, and 4 stolen bases from Victorino, and did well in hitting, but Papelbon's two scoreless saves for Douche and Hall's .529 average tipped the balance.

the don quixotes 3, Webby17 6 Webby won despite zero HR for the week, only 16 RBI and batting .252. don were somewhat unlucky: where they won, they won big (taking K's 41-16, for example) but single point losses in Runs, RBI and Saves doomed them. Marcum's win and 11 K's was the best individual performance: Dempster had three saves for Webby.


 1. Crazy VIII's          61-38-11  -
 2. warlords              62-41-7   1
 3. Douchebaggery         63-42-5   1
 4. 4 K's 4 Gonzo         59-40-11  2
 5. dbacktom              58-42-10  3.5
 6. Bob Melvin Sucks      55-41-14  4.5
 7. Desert Dingleberries  57-47-6   6.5
 8. The Fighting Amish    55-46-9   7
 9. GregSchulteOverdrive  55-48-7   8
10. Kapsaicin Kids        54-48-8   8.5
11. Shenanigans           50-50-10 11.5
12. CoJack Forever        49-54-7  14
13. the don quixotes      47-53-10 14.5
14. Chupacabras           46-54-10 15.5
15. 7-2 Offsuiters        45-57-8  17.5
16. BBTNG                 43-59-8  19.5
17. Webby17               40-60-10 21.5
18. Baked                 38-61-11 23
19. Tucson Myth           38-64-8  24.5
20. AZ SnakePit           38-68-4  26.5  

This week's games

AZ SnakePit vs Desert Dingleberries
dbacktom vs GregSchulteOverdrive
The Fighting Amish vs Baked
4 K's 4 Gonzo vs CoJack Forever
Crazy VIII's vs 7-2 Offsuiters
Bob Melvin Sucks vs Tucson Myth
BBTNG vs Webby17
Chupacabras vs Kapsaicin Kids
Douchebaggery vs warlords
the don quixotes vs Shenanigans

Douchebaggery vs warlords is an easy pick for game of the week. Again, both teams have an identical record, just one game out off first place. Douche have won five weeks in a row, while warlords' overall record is 9-2. Guerrero, batting .329 with 62 RBI is the engine room of war's offense; on the mound, they turn to John Smoltz and the ever-reliable Cordero as their closer. Douche will be keen to get back on top of the table: Hardy's 17 homers have been a very pleasant surprise for them, and they have three men for the ninth, Papelbon, Fuentes and Wagner combining for 49 saves thus far.