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Gameday Thread, #69: 6/16 vs. Orioles

Edgar Gonzalez, RHP (2-2, 4.73)
Brian Burres, LHP (3-2, 2.80)

Will last night's sterling, Hudson-led fightback mark another turning point in the D-backs roller-coaster season? This is going to be an interesting game; I suspect we will see a two-headed starting pitcher called Gonzalez today, with Enrique warming up, almost from the get-go, to relive EdGon, as soon as the need arises. Hopefully, we can get six innings out of the pair, and the offense will be more like the one that showed up late to yesterday's party, rather than the limp as last week's lettuce hitters who were shutout for the first seven innings.

Should be about for most of this, commenting will be sporadic as slumping, snoozing and vegging with Mrs. SnakePit are already scheduled. :-)