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Gameday Thread, #67: 6/14 vs. Yankees

Doug Davis, LHP (4-7, 3.48)
Andy Pettitte, LHP (3-4, 3.11)

Let's see if we can salvage something from a series which started badly, with a three-run homer for the enemy before we got any outs, and has gone downhill from there. The bad news is, the pitching matchups have got less favorable in my opinion, so we have Davis, who had a very poor outing last time, against Pettitte, who has been solid and is also a left-hander. No doubt Melvin will roll the lineup dice again. Hopefully they won't come up snake-eyes, like they have the past couple of games. Given a) I'm at work, and b) things here are sucking, my participation will likely be limited to a very small Yahoo window. But if anyone else feels like Thursday morning baseball...