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Gameday Thread, #56: 6/1 vs. Mets

Brandon Webb, RHP (4-3, 3.74)
John Maine, RHP (6-2, 2.79)

After seven games where the Diamondbacks have proven to be unstoppable, we enter the lion's den - we visit the Mets, owners of the best record in the National League over the first third of the season. They largely kicked our butts in Arizona, winning three of the four, though we did break our lengthy streak of defeats in Arizona, winning the final game behind Livan Hernandez.

Maine has been pretty good, with the seventh-best ERA in the National League. He can be wild, with only Cain and Hernandez v2.0 walking more hitters: patience should therefore be the watchword for our batters. Expect us to be much at full strength. Webb hasn't beaten the Mets since his very first game, in 2003, but overall has a 2.59 ERA. Take this one, and we'll have a winning road-trip, at the very least.