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Gameday Thread, #36: 5/9 vs. Phillies

Jamie Moyer, LHP (3-2, 2.85)
Randy Johnson, LHP (0-2, 6.50)

This afternoon...for one showing only... War of the Dinosaurs in glorious L-E-F-T-Y-VISION.

  • SEE! 88 years and 48 days of experience match-up.
  • FEEL! The earth shake as Mr. Snappy buzzes around another hitter's ankles.
  • GASP! As Moyer lobs another 80 mph "fast"-ball up there.

Not quite the oldest match-up of pitchers ever [June 8, 1987: Phil Niekro vs. Don Sutton - 90 years, 135 days], this is still pretty impressive. Hopefully, Johnson will not be the lackluster pitcher who showed up for the last appearance. Only once since 1989 has he lost his first two decisions of the year, and that time (in 2003), he bounced back to win the third. Let's see him roll, and take Arizona to their fourth win in this streak.

Afternoon game, first pitch at 3:40pm. So I'm expecting a good turnout from our East coast friends. Let's see if we can surpass yesterday's total, shall we? :-) I'll be in and out, as breaks permit...