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Gameday Thread, #34: 5/7 vs. Phillies

Freddy Garcia, RHP (1-2, 6.05)
Doug Davis, LHP (2-3, 2.25)

I didn't have time to eat my sandwich today - too busy doing the fantasy baseball report! - so I'll be having it tonight instead. Which wouldn't normally merit mention here, except I've just realised that while we play the Phillies, entirely by coincidence, I'll be eating...a Phillie cheesesteak sandwich. Probably about the only series this year with a matching foodstuff. At least unless devil ray 'n' chips is on the menu.

Doug Davis, the man with the lowest ERA in our rotation, takes the mound for Arizona. 2.25 is his stat to date, and he was very unlucky to take the loss last time out allowing an unearned run in seven innings against the Dodgers. Looks like he's got his action sorted, and is no longer walking the huge numbers that he was earlier on. Long may that continue. His opponent, who appears to have recovered from his collision with a Giants equipment cart, is Freddy Garcia, who has largely sucked and hasn't got past the fifth inning so far. While they have a dangerous offense, the Phillies should concede a good few runs as well. Though the way we've been hitting, you never know...