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Gameday Thread, #32: 5/5 vs. Mets

Jorge Sosa, RHP (0-0, -.--)
Brandon Webb, RHP (2-1, 3.21)

I haven't even looked at the lineup, but I know Tony Clark will be starting this one. Why? Because he has nine plate appearances against Mets starter Sosa. In those nine trips, he has two singles, a walk, and five home runs. I repeat, five. There probably is not a single hitter in baseball who owns another pitcher to that degree.

It might be a little early in the season to call this one a "must win", but it probably counts as a "must not lose". If we do so, it's possible to see this team turning things around and getting on another lengthy winning streak. On the other hand, if we go right through the rotation without a victory, it's conceivable that we could still be losing the next time we see Webb. I just never know with the Diamondbacks this year. But it's Sinko duh Maiyoh, y'know, and so I think Los D-Backs will pull a win out over the Yankee dog Mets. Er, if you see what I mean. :-)