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Gameday Thread, #31: 5/4 vs. Mets

John Maine, RHP (4-0, 1.35)
Randy Johnson, LHP (0-1, 6.55)

As last night, this evening, we'll get to see what happens when a good old 'un faces a good young 'un. Only, this time, the roles are reversed with Arizona sending out their Hall of Famer, up against the 25-year old John Maine. Maine has been brilliant so far, allowing only 18 hits in 33.1 innings. Should be an interesting match-up. I don't know whether or not to wish we see Jose Valverde in the ninth. Part of me wants to see him get right back on the horse...but a large chunk will be slumped in the corner, whimpering gently.

Not sure if I'll be around for this one. That'll be in the hands of Mrs. SnakePit, I think: after the Great Chocolate Ice-Cream Fiasco of last night, I probably need to perform some kind of penance. This is unlikely to involve watching baseball. So don't expect to see much of me!